Trolley bus on Line 6, from Steuart and Market to Quintara and 14th Ave.

Most bus lines are scheduled to operate every five to fifteen minutes during peak hours, every five to twenty minutes middays, about every ten to twenty minutes from 9 pm to midnight, and roughly every half hour for the late night "owl" routes.

On weekends, most Muni bus lines are scheduled to run every ten to twenty minutes. However, complaints of unreliability, especially on less-often-served lines and older (pre-battery backup) trolleybus lines, are a system-wide problem.

Day and evening Muni rail lines and bus routes for all of San Francisco except Treasure Island.
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  • Greyhound has frequent intercity service from San Francisco's beautiful but decaying Transbay Terminal at First and Mission streets.
  • Xe Do Hoang offers service between Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

Several regional bus systems serve San Francisco from the immediate suburbs:


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