Public transportation

San Francisco has one of the most comprehensive public transportation systems in the United States; in fact, the Travel and Leisure Website has ranked San Francisco as having the best public transit in the country. Transport services within San Francisco and Bay Area are provided by a number of mass transit systems. They are separate organizations and although they have many interchange stations, tickets are not normally transferable across the systems (except for monthly or longer period passes). The major transit systems are:

  • Muni. Public transit system that consists of 80 routes serving the city and some parts of Daly City and Marin County. The names of all Muni routes, except those of the cable cars, have two parts: a number or letter and a street, neighborhood, or landmark, for example, the "1 California" line. The bus and trolleybus lines have number designations, the rail lines have letters, and the cable car lines are typically referred to only by name (Powell-Mason, Powell-Hyde and California). The direction traveled on bus, trolleybus, and rail lines is identified as "inbound" or "outbound"; the inbound direction generally goes toward downtown and the outbound direction heads away from downtown.
  • Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). A subway/commuter rail service that serves parts of the Bay Area, including San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Fremont, and Walnut Creek. It has a direct connection to San Francisco's airport while a direct connection to Oakland's airport is in the planning stages.
  • Caltrain. A commuter rail service that connects San Jose and cities along the Peninsula with San Francisco, and with the BART system by way of the Millbrae Station.
  • Amtrak. There are several Amtrak stations throughout the Bay Area. Major stations in Martinez and Emeryville feature Coast Starlight and California Zephyr service. The Starlight also serves Oakland and San Jose. The Capitol Corridor connects Bay Area cities to Sacramento and Auburn, California, and features BART transfer stations at Richmond and the Oakland Coliseum. The San Joaquin serves Sacramento, California, and Oakland California with trains to Bakersfield, California.
  • ACE. Altamont Commuter Express; a rail service that mainly serves commuters to and from the Central Valley to the Silicon Valley. It travels from Stockton through Pleasanton, Fremont, Santa Clara, and ends at San Jose. It operates only during commute hours on weekdays.


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