About us

March 2017

Dear visitors,

SF-Info.org is a non-commercial, non-profit and privately held website that I built a decade ago with the purpose to use it as a live showcase in web design and SEO for my computer science students, as well as a testbed for early incarnations of the Magma CMS.

Why San Francisco? I just wanted to pay homage to the city that I visited, lived in for awhile and fell in love with.

Articles on the site, including the history section, are based on live conversation with the (knowledgeable?) locals, combined and crosschecked with online data and literature available at the time.

Articles and data, in my best belief, should be credible but without any warranty, as stated in the ToS.

This site has no funding, no Board of Directors and no hidden purpose for putting it up. I still keep it online as a pet project and a digital time capsule to show how web design and web portal development were done once upon a time.

If you need more info, please contact me.


Milos Dobrojevic, PhD
Belgrade, Serbia